What You Need to Know About NBA 2K17 MyTeam

MyTeam is one of the reasons NBA 2K17 is such a popular basketball themed game. This mode is more than just a players’ favorite, it’s a game within the main game. MyTeam has its own Twitter account separate from the NBA 2K17 game so players can check out news and other bits of interest about their favorite mode. MyTeam features a team customization system enabling players to personalize everything from jerseys to arenas and much more. Each one gets to be different and run a personalized virtual NBA franchise. NBA 2K17 introduces new MyTeam features such as 3 versus 3 mode, free agent cards that have a limited use and the system called the dynamic duo. Apart from all these, players can also enjoy online leagues and revamped weekly challenges feature. Those who want to test their teams against others have the option to take part in head to head games.

Cards representing real NBA players are the core MyTeam mechanic. Players collect these cards to create diverse teams or to make use of them in other ways. The main appeal of this mode is that any player from any NBA team can be mixed into a user’s team. The tricky part is that not any combo is a winner. That’s why the dynamic duo was implemented. This system marks two players as having a good on court chemistry that translates as better performance when playing a game with the two on the same team. Dynamic duo is based on real life interactions between NBA players. Players cards are assigned a color that determines their quality. There are nine categories available. MyTeam features special cards like moments and historic cards that honor achievements or the entire NBA career of a player. There are numerous MyTeam cards and some users play the game just to collect them all. Multiplayer games like Blacktop mode allow players to take part in matches with various settings and different team size. MyTeam cards are earned when completing activities but most players prefer to buy them in exchange for virtual currency.