How to Turbocharge Your Valorant Experience: Nifty Tips for Leveling Up

So, you’re diving into a fresh episode of Valorant, eyeing those sweet rewards in the upcoming brand-new 50-level battle pass of Episode 8. We get it; hitting that max level is the dream. While the basics of scoring experience haven’t done a complete 180, we’ve got some friendly advice to spice up your journey, such as buy Valorant boosting services.


Daily and Weekly Missions: Your Ticket to Glory


Alright, it might sound a bit obvious, but if you’re gunning for that battle pass level-up sprint, you’ve got to nail those weekly missions and, if you can swing it, the daily ones too. We get it; not everyone’s clock ticks the same, but we strongly suggest at least tackling those weekly missions and squeezing in whatever dailies you can.


On the daily menu, you’ve got two missions, and the weekly specials come in a trio. They’re a mixed bag, ranging from easy-peasy to a bit of a head-scratcher. Some might need you to clock in a specific number of matches or rounds over a week, while others are all about racking up kills within 24 hours. If you’ve got more free time on your hands, you’re in the prime spot to level up that battle pass.


Oh, and here’s the secret sauce: most daily missions sling you a cool 2000 XP each, while those weekly whoppers can hit you with a hefty 12,000 points. So, don’t underestimate the power of nailing those weekly missions to kick your battle pass progress into high gear.




Maximizing XP Gains


You know the drill – XP rolls in with the rounds played and rounds won. So, it’s time to flip the script and zero in on bagging victories with your crew instead of just chasing frags or flashy plays.


Beyond the usual grind, dip your toes into stuff like Spike Rush – it’s a quick-fire mode that wraps up after a team notches up four rounds. It’s a bit more chill but still packs a punch. Then there’s the classic Deathmatch mode, where your knack for fragging can really shine. Mix it all up, and you’ve got yourself a variety pack of XP-earning adventures.


Here’s the nitty-gritty on XP for each mode:


– Unrated: 100XP per round played + 200XP per round won

– Competitive: 100XP per round + 200XP per round won

– Spike Rush: 1,000XP

– Deathmatch: 900XP


Sure, going for the W in longer matches is the golden ticket for max XP, but don’t sleep on trying a bit of everything to find your groove.


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In a Nutshell: Your Epic Climb Up the Battle Pass Mountain


To sum it up, acing those daily and weekly missions, plus fine-tuning your XP haul across different modes, is your turbo boost for leveling up in Valorant. And if you’re itching for that extra oomph, dive into the world of Valorant accounts and Valorant boosting. Level up your game, and let those rewards rain down on your epic journey up the battle pass mountain!