The New ’23 NBA: Series 2 Collection Is Available In NBA 2K23 MyTeam Season 5

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MyTeam Rewards in NBA 2K23 Season 5

The ’23 NBA: Series 2 is arriving in the game at the same time when Season 5 launches. It will be available on the first day of the season. The items in this collection depict NBA players that are all the rage right now. The cards reflect the current events in the NBA. The collection features Galaxy Opal cards. Most of the new collection comes from packs. If you have your eyes on a specific card and don’t want to take your shot at getting it from the packs, you can buy it through the auction house. These cards can be traded to fellow users. When you complete a set, you earn Pink Diamond Collection Complete prizes. There are 30 in total. Each reward has a current player from the franchise. Season 5 expands the MyTeam card collection with more than 400 new entries. Ten new collector levels can be completed this season. The rewards include two Dark Matter cards. Players can earn one card from each ’23 NBA: Series 2 set from the Domination tier. You will take part in games against all 30 of the current NBA teams that will feature Series 2 cards. You must defeat each lineup when playing on the most challenging difficulty option. This is the only way to obtain the Domination items for each Series 2 set. All players will benefit from the rewards of the new Domination tier. You don’t have to unlock past tiers to have access to this one. Each MyTeam mode has new Season 5 prizes. All the items are Galaxy Opals. The prizes obtained from one mode cannot be earned from another. Make sure to complete activities in Clutch Time, Triple Threat, Limited, Unlimited, and Draft. Don’t forget that new items are also available in The Vault and from Wheel Spins.